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Humidity Levels at Victoria General Hospital Exceed Safe Operating Levels

Manitoba Liberals are sounding the alarm over humidity and heat levels at the Victoria General Hospital, after record temperatures over the weekend.

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Dr. Jon Gerrard & MB Liberals Successfully Advocate for Cochlear Implant Coverage in Manitoba

Manitoba Liberals are pleased the PCs have finally decided to cover 80% of Cochlear Implant Processors after Dr. Jon Gerrrard, Manitoba Liberal Health Critic and MLA for River Heights, has been advocating for their coverage for over two years

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REPORT: Massive Burnout Being Ignored Driving Loss of Doctors in Prairie Mountain Health

Manitoba Liberals are pointing to a report that shows physicians in Manitoba’s Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) are suffering from burnout at levels much higher than the national average, as one of the reasons the area is projected to lose 20 doctors by summ

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