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Manitoba Liberals Call for Conciliation to End MPI’s Bully Tactics

Manitoba Liberals say the PC government needs to curb the unprecedented bully tactics of MPI trying to force 232 businesses in the collision industry to sign a money-losing contract, and send the two sides to conciliation instead.

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PCs Must Act Fast to Curb Third Wave & New Variants Targeting the Young

Manitoba Liberals are calling for quick and aggressive action to stem a third wave of Covid-19 in Manitoba, including tougher public health orders targeted to sites and hot spots where there are high case counts, vaccinations for residents in acute care h

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One-Year into Pandemic, PCs Still Misleading Manitobans in 2021 Budget 

Manitoba Liberals say the PCs are continuing to deceive Manitobans with misleading projections and numbers in their latest 2021 Budget. 

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