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Throne Speech Canít Make Up for Years of Damage Done under the PCs

Manitoba Liberals say the PCs throne speech is out of touch with the needs of Manitobans and is focused on reacting to issues they themselves created.

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Let Aalya Ahmad Speak: Manitoba Liberals Call on CUPW to End Gag Order;† Ask CLC for New Investigation

Manitoba Liberals are calling on Federal Labour Minister Seamus OíRegan and other Labour Leaders to work with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to lift a gag order on Aalya Ahmad, a former CUPW staffer. They are calling on the Canadian Labour Co

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PCs Cut Funds to Attract And Retain Doctors and Nurses

The Manitoba PC Government cut funds for programs dedicated to attracting and retaining nurses during the pandemic, even as doctors and nurses alike were quitting Manitobaís health system due to burnout, overwork and lack of supports.

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