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Horrific Abuse of Seniors Detailed by Auditor General Report Requires Full Public Inquiry, Immediate Implementation of Seniors’ Advocate

Dougald Lamont and the Manitoba Liberals are calling for a full and independent public inquiry into the decisions of the Protection for Persons in Care Office (PPCO), whose director repeatedly ruled that instances of vulnerable Manitobans being punched, b

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Mortgage Subsidy for Rural and Northern MLA Second Homes Must End

Manitoba Liberals say the PCs need to rein in lavish perks for Manitoba MLAs and end the practice of subsidizing second mortgages for rural and northern MLAs. 

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After Patient’s “Traumatic, Humiliating” Trips to ER, Manitoba Liberals Call for Immediate Intervention at Grace Hospital

Manitoba Liberal MLAs are calling on the Stefanson Government to immediately address patient care at the Grace Hospital after a speaking with a patient who says she endured traumatic and humiliating treatment during several visits this month, including sp

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