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Warning Sign: Manitoba Consumers & Businesses are Filing Insolvency Proposals More than Any Other Province

Statistics Canada’s report on year-over-year insolvencies and insolvency proposals show that Manitoba’s consumers and businesses were in big trouble in the third quarter of 2020 - even before Code Red shutdowns. 

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PCs Hike Prescriptions for Seniors in PCHs

Some seniors in Riverview and Deer Lodge are suddenly facing a hike in prescription prices due to the Pallister government’s change in policy. Manitoba Liberals say the PCs must reverse the policy immediately. 

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Manitoba Liberals Call on Ombudsman to Investigate Conflicts of PC Candidate-turned Bureaucrat Involvement in Proposed $1-billion Project

Manitoba Liberals have filed a complaint with the Manitoba Ombudsman to investigate Brian Pallister’s Director of Municipal Relations with the Priorities and Planning Secretariat in the Department of Finance, Michelle Richard, for violating the conditions

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