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Manitoba Liberals Call on PCs and Public Health to Act to Protect Manitobans from the Dangers of Radon and Lead

Manitoba Liberals are calling on the Stefanson Government and public health to take radon and lead exposure seriously, and to set up a fund to help Manitobans reduce exposure to toxic substances in Manitoba homes, schools, and childcare spaces.

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Manitoba Liberal Leader Ask Courts to Examine Whether Stefanson Violated Conflict of Interest Rules

Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont has filed a conflict of interest complaint against a member of the legislature, asking a judge to determine whether Premier Heather Stefanson violated Manitobaís conflict of interest laws.

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Canít Buy My Silence: Manitoba Liberals Introduce Bill to Ban Abuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements in Harassment, Bullying, and Misconduct Cases

Manitoba Liberals introduced Bill 225 today designed to reform Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in Manitoba so survivors of sexual harassment, intimidation, and misconduct cases can no longer be forced into silence through a legal agreement.

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