Manitoba Liberals Respond to Meth Task Force Report

June 28, 2019

Manitoba Liberals respond to Meth Task Force Report

Statement from Dougald Lamont:

This is an incredibly disappointing report. After a six month task force, we are no closer to a provincial plan to deal with the meth epidemic.

It speaks volumes that the first recommendation in this report is that we need better education for landlords. This doesn't begin to solve the problem - it only moves it somewhere else.

What is worse, is the Pallister Government expects the private sector to pick up the slack on what is a public health and justice crisis. This is a job for government, but Brian Pallister is shirking his responsibility and expects the private sector to do his job for him.

In Winnipeg and across Manitoba, the meth epidemic is driving up property crime and violent crime.

Manitoba Liberals were the first to start talking about the meth crisis and we have been offering concrete solutions for more than a year and half:

  • Prevention programs, including a public awareness campaign, recreation and jobs programs to divert people from ever getting involved in drugs and gangs
  • Drug stabilization units and expanded treatment for people with meth
  • Transitional housing with mental health supports, with long-term recovery that allows people all the time they need
  • Long term housing

To date the Pallister Government has made token gestures to deal with the crisis. They have been putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Six months later, and the Pallister Government hasn't moved an inch.


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