CFS Report Makes Strides, but Skips Claw Back from Children in Care

September 19, 2018

Winnipeg - Manitoba Liberals say that while a new report on children in care of Child and Family Services makes important recommendations, it is missing one critical recommendation - that the Province of Manitoba stop taking money intended for children in care.

"For years, the NDP and the PCs alike have taken the federal child benefit and have put it into general revenues," said Dougald Lamont, Manitoba Liberal Leader & MLA for St. Boniface. "It is not the government's money. The Province is basically charging Manitoba's most vulnerable children and families a tax rate of 100%."

The Manitoba Government is currently being taken to court by six Indigenous child and family services agencies for taking $266-million in money that rightly belongs to Manitoba children and families.

"It is illegal and unacceptable for the province to continue this practice that was first introduced by the former NDP government," said Judy Klassen, MLA for Kewatinook.

While in opposition, former PC Families Critic, Ian Wishart, described it as "illegal, immoral clawbacks."

"Manitoba has over 11,000 children in care. The Province is knowingly and illegally balancing their books on the backs of Manitoba's most vulnerable kids and families," said Klassen.



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