Manitoba Liberals Call on Pallister Government to Declare a Climate Crisis

May 30, 2019

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Liberal Caucus and leader Dougald Lamont, MLA for St. Boniface, introduced a resolution in the Manitoba Legislature today to call on the Pallister Government to declare a climate crisis in Manitoba.

"We need to recognize the situation is serious, stop paying lip service and take bold action. Manitoba has an opportunity to be bold and lead on climate change while growing our economy," said Lamont.

Earlier this month, the Manitoba Liberals released a comprehensive plan on Climate Change. The Manitoba Liberal Plan for Green Growth and Renewal would make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2030.

The plan does so in five steps. Manitoba Liberals will:

  • Take back control of Manitoba climate policy by negotiating a new deal with the federal government
  • Make Manitoba a leader in green energy and consumer-ready carbon neutral fuels
  • Reverse pollution with new forests, wilderness, wildlife habitat, and agricultural practices
  • Help Manitobans "Go Electric" through transportation
  • Make it easier for Manitobans to implement green practices every day

Lamont said one of the most important myths about dealing effectively with climate change is that it will hurt the economy.

"Manitobans all know that droughts, floods, fires, insects and crop diseases aren't good for business and they all get worse with climate change," said Lamont. "A healthy economy depends on a healthy environment."

The call for a climate crisis resolution follows on another environmental bill, introduced yesterday by Manitoba Liberals, which would ban the use of single-use plastics in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Liberal resolution calls for the Manitoba Government to commit to meeting emission reduction targets under the Paris Accord Agreement.



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