Manitoba Liberals Call on Trudeau Government to Restore Weapon X Program, Locate Alpha Flight in Manitoba

April 1, 2019

WINNIPEG - Dougald Lamont, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA for St. Boniface called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to increase defence spending in the province by relaunching the Weapon X program and making Manitoba a base for the Pan-Canadian Superhero Team, Alpha Flight.

Lamont said that Manitoba is the ideal location as a base for a Canadian Superhero Team.

"With world-class research universities, a level-4 containment lab, a strong aerospace industry and a diverse population, Manitoba is 'shovel-ready' for Department K and Alpha Flight," said Lamont.

Manitoba is home to a number of war heroes and veterans. It is the birthplace of Sir William Stevenson, AKA the Man Called Intrepid, Sgt. Tommy Prince and nuclear scientist Louis Slotin.

Manitoba is also represented by all branches of the armed forces: CFB Shilo, 17-Wing at CFB Winnipeg, as well as the Naval base HMCS Chippawa. Winnipeg's location in the geographical centre of Canada and North America makes it a natural launching point for super-missions around the world using hypersonic craft.

In the 1970s, under Trudeau's father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada's Department K ran a program known as "Weapon X" which saw the recruitment and development of mutants such as Wolverine, AKA Logan (See attached image).

Lamont said Manitoba's history as a ground-breaking and progressive province with commitment to tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism also makes it a good fit for welcoming mutants with superpowers.

"Louis Riel founded Manitoba with guarantees of rights for everyone, and Manitoba was the first province to grant women the right to vote," said Lamont. "While some political parties are playing the politics of division and hate, we welcome our mutant brothers and sisters, and recognize what makes them different is what makes them extraordinary. Especially super-strength, healing powers, or controlling the weather with their mind," said Lamont.

Lamont said having a Canadian team of mutant superheroes makes sense for safety as well as the economy. The investment would pay off in long-term benefits, including high-paying jobs in technology and manufacturing.

"Compared to having a superhero headquarters in Manitoba, Amazon's second headquarters would look like a hot dog stand," said Lamont.



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