Pallister Cheats Manitobans out of $1.1 Billion Dollars in Federal Funds

February 26, 2019

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St. Boniface, Dougald Lamont says the Pallister government has left an incredible $1.1-billion dollars in Federal funding on the table, including more than half a billion dollars for transit infrastructure.

Under Phase Two of the Investing in Canada Plan, the Federal government has made $1.1-billion dollars available to Manitoba. The money has been available to access for nearly a year, yet the Pallister government hasn't submitted any projects for consideration since signing the agreement on May 4, 2018.

Here's a breakdown of what the Pallister government has left on the table:

$546 Million for Public Transit

$451 Million for Green Infrastructure

$61 Million for Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure

$112 Million under the Rural and Northern Stream.

Municipalities had already long-passed their 2018 budgets when the PCs slashed the roads and bridges grant program in August of last year.

"This money could be used to invest in major projects in communities across the province. Municipalities could use this money to repair roads and bridges," said Lamont. "The money is there, waiting to be invested in Manitoba, but this government couldn't be bothered to access it on behalf of Manitobans."

Lamont said the Federal funding could have prevented municipalities from having to delay major infrastructure projects. Instead, municipalities were forced to dip into reserve funds to pay for projects.

"Citizens wouldn't have to foot the bill for public transportation improvements, if the Pallister government simply met with, and worked with City officials to map out a plan on how to use the Federal funds to invest in public transportation," said Lamont.

Lamont said Pallister is deliberately making life harder for Manitobans by not applying for this desperately needed money for our province.

"The Premier is choosing to make Manitobans poorer and to make the economy worse," said Lamont. "By failing to invest today, the PCs are robbing our province of future opportunities."



WHEREAS the Government of Canada proposes to deliver up to a maximum of $1,172,076,154 to Manitoba in four key areas: public transit; green infrastructure; community, culture and recreation infrastructure; and rural and northern communities infrastructure;

WHEREAS Manitoba will establish a local consultative committee, referred to as the Manitoba Local Consultative Committee (MBLCC). The MBLCC will consist of representatives from the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, Northern Association of Community Councils and Manitoba Indigenous Relations. When requested by Manitoba, the MBLCC will review project applications and provide advice to the Oversight Committee Manitoba Co-Chair


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