Pallisterís Denial of History is a Denial of Justice

July 7, 2021

At what should be a moment of national reckoning over Canada's relationship with First Nations, Brian Pallister's response is worse than tone-deaf. It is shameful.

Reserves and Residential Schools were designed with the purpose of sweeping the plains clear of First Nations so that land and resources could be given to and developed by settlers, often for free.

This is the hard truth: Canada's prosperity was built on Indigenous suffering, and an indifference to Indigenous lives and rights.

We need to accept this truth, apologize for it and make amends for it.

Riel and his provisional government called for democratic and human rights, and were treated as rebels. Riel was executed.

The West was settled through violence, displacement, starvation, threats, and by stealing First Nations people's children so they could be stripped of their identities.

This mistreatment never stopped. In recent years, no government has treated First Nations worse than the Government of Manitoba, especially when it comes to CFS and incarceration.

Just last year, the Pallister PCs chose to keep $338-million that NDP and PC governments had been taking from First Nations children in the custody of CFS, and cancelled all the court cases.

We need to talk about how to fix what's broken. Denying this reality will only delay long-overdue justice.


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