Dougald Lamont Statement on Pallisterís Reopening Mess

February 25, 2021

This is not a reopening plan, this is a grocery list of maybes. You don't plan a reopening by throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.

All these public health orders go beyond public health. These are political and economic decisions and we don't know 100% who is making them as the PCs continue to ask for public input.

A year into this pandemic, it is crystal clear that who gets to earn a living and who goes broke in Manitoba is up to the government. It is a political choice.

The Pallister PC Government's decisions have been forcing people into poverty, and sometimes making people millionaires. This is, in fact, the way it has always been. In a pandemic, it's just really obvious.

Pallister seems to think that if he lets businesses open at 25%, he doesn't have to lift a finger to help. He is forcing people out of business, he is forcing people not to work, and he is forcing people into debt, because they don't have a choice - but the Premier does. While people are going under, he's handing out anchors instead of life-preservers.


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