Manitoba Liberals Throne Speech Response: Pallister Recycling Promises

November 20, 2018

Manitoba Liberals 2018/19 Throne Speech Response

Winnipeg - Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St Boniface, Dougald Lamont, says the Pallister government's latest Throne Speech offers little in the way of concrete action. Instead, the government is recycling a lot of promises that have been made multiple times and still haven't been fulfilled.

"For a government that spends all of its time complaining about seventeen years of mismanagement under the NDP, the PCs don't seem to have spent any of that time getting ready to govern," said Lamont. "More than half-way through their mandate, the Pallister government can't seem to deliver on anything except cuts and reports."

The throne speech referred to a long-promised economic development strategy; an education review; another review of northern development, a justice review, and a review of Tax Increment Financing.

Lamont said the speech also consisted largely of "faking left" - talking about progressive sounding ideas which the government has routinely failed to deliver. The government has been unable to get agreements on housing and the environment that would tap into tens of millions in Federal funding.

The Pallister government is also ignoring growing crises like the meth epidemic, relying on band-aid solutions across the board instead of investing in prevention.

"We heard that there will be a report on prevention delivered next summer when we need action now," said Lamont.

Pallister and the PCs need to realize that fixing the government's finances requires growing the economy, not just cutting and freezing.

"Cuts don't build roads, cuts don't treat diabetes or addiction, and cuts don't create good jobs or build strong Manitoba businesses," said Lamont.

Lamont said this government still has the opportunity to change course and make things better for all Manitobans, but we didn't see that vision in today's Throne Speech.



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